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Devinated Productions

"Creating Visuals That Mirror Our Sight Of Self

And The Way We Want To Live" - DJB

Devinated Productions, photography and multi -media company founded in 2018 that is truly going beyond lenses and into the community using visual aids to impact change one neighborhood to the next.

The Founder, Devin Johnson-Bishop

Born and raised in Detroit, MI and having passion for people with talent to match behind the lens is what inspired the need to start a complete production company within my community with a lifetime effect on the world as vivid as a photo.


DevinatedPro Podcast and Merch coming soon...

8 Tips On Posing from DevinatedPro

Find your comfort zone and make it look great!

Angles, DevinatedPro The Ultimate Guide

How to finesse your environment to capture your vision.  

DevinatedPro  â€‹presents... The WALK